Ankurayan 2021

Ankurayan 2021

Theme of Ankurayan 2021


The future must come through, as present would devolve into the past. Prospect of the unbeknown tomorrow not only puts restraints on our current attachments but also highlights its lacunae. In the vast expanse of the sky appears one more soft dusk. Leans on it, the fierce intensity of the forenoon. Similarly, from within the apathetic noon peeks the exquisite afternoon. Just as in dusk the home-coming bird whistles its music. That invites the limitless star-studded night. The long summer noon is flared up with the freight of child-lifters. As a way of lullabying, Grandpa (`Jeja`) would put his wet 'gamuchha' - one end on himself and the other end on Sania. This is to make him asleep. He would like to evade Jeja's custody through the gamuchha, and slip to the mango garden (`Amba Tota`) to befriend the lonely bullock cart. While being caressed on the bamboo back of the cart Sania would fall asleep. And he would be in the worder-world of dreams - blossoming flowers, fragrant earth and the smiling sky. His tomorrow that he never cared for would come and twinkle at him. Then at the end of the dream he will face his grandpa with `panchana` (the bamboo stick used to goad the bullocks) in hand - dear and furious. Hence, the future is sometime greeted with an incessant earnestness, sometime with the ceaseless anticipation or, some other time with the nonchalance of a hermit. Once again with the banner of 'Ankurayana' we too await it -- rather, have been awaiting since last three half-decades. Inviting the future - is the theme of this Ankurayana. You are Welcome! Convener Ankurayana-2021


Starts on 21 Nov, 2021
Ends on 19 Dec, 2021

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